Now that Ontario’s third lockdown has drawn to a close, there’s a glimmer of hope on the horizon for a somewhat normal summer, at least in regards to restrictions, if nothing else.

Our Canada Day weekend show at Twin Springs Cottage Condo Community & Camping, which was supposed to be our return to the stage after a year and a half absence and had already been moved forward from Victoria Day weekend, has been moved forward once again to Saturday, July 31st, Civic Holiday weekend.

EVERYONE IS WELCOME to attend and there is plenty of room to social distance. Entry is $5/per person. That being said, even though we’ll be outdoors, we’re still required to be cautious of the capacity, so SPACE IS LIMITED.

It’s first come, first served at the gate, so get there early!

Keep your fingers crossed for sunny skies and don’t forget, it’s BYOB and lawn chair! Please party responsibly, as the park is currently not permitting overnight guests who are non-owners. ARRIVE ALIVE - DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE.

As we prepare to enter Phase III next week, which includes live music in most spaces, the calls and messages are beginning to come in. It’s nice to see some shows on the schedule next month!

Whether it’s a beach or cottage party, a backyard BBQ, barn bash, camping or trailer park, wedding or any other special occasion you can think of, contact us today for pricing and scheduling information!

In the meantime, we continue expanding our repertoire and preparing a handful of brand-new covers, including Ritchie Valens, Bob Dylan, the Kinks, Glen Campbell, Billy Joel, Neil Diamond, Counting Crows and more, as well as freshening up a list of #barcoderetro material that many of you have never heard before!

Stay safe, folks. We’ll see you soon!

Jeff, Les Jr. and Andy

Last updated 07-09-21